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A Year of Changes!
Christo Jacob
Monday, January 2, 2012
Now that most of you might have had a blast during the New Year celebrations, it’s a good time to reflect on our resolutions and strive to achieve for the same.

It’s good to see that last year even in the midst of global economic uncertainty, Indian executives have identified increasing business growth as their highest priority. 2011 witnessed cloud computing shaking the data center; IT job market experiencing a strong rebound after the recession; handful of social media IPOs that were eager to align themselves with the loony Dot-com era; customers spending on business intelligence and analytics initiatives strongly; new data aggregators popping up everywhere and many constantly growing through mergers and acquisition, and investors deferring their exit plans due to lack of good returns. So in 2012, apart from the traditional problem solving approach, the entrepreneurs and CIOs need to embrace a new manifesto for their enterprises as it will be a year of changes.

Cost has always been the biggest concern on top of a CIOs mind. This concern will continue to increase and in the longer run CIO project spending will be aimed at measurably improving the financial conditions of an enterprise. CIOs must align their workforce to recognize how information and IT can promote organic income growth of existing or new products and services. Moreover, the executives have to understand customers and have to know how your marketing pros appeal to them. Gone are the days, we saw the hyperactive growth of social media and brands benefiting leads from these platforms. In 2012, the brands will no longer be buyer of just this media, but will be aggressive on engaging their audience and content marketing. These changing customer expectations will push entrepreneurs to benchmark their relevance and re-articulate their differentiators in 2012.

Wish you all Happy New Year!

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Christo Jacob
Managing Editor

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