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A Wakeup Call for India!
Christo Jacob
Friday, September 2, 2011
The other day, during a vacation in my hometown, I came across a fisherman handing out his business cards to his customers. He was telling them they could call him to check up on the available stock of fishes instead of coming over all the way and return empty handed.

This was a glimpse of a changing India, right from the grass root level where even a fisherman understands the need for customer satisfaction. Even as we flirt with this new found change and a double digit growth in our economy, there is another part of the country which is in a high state of anarchy.

I am talking about the movement we are fighting for. A movement against corruption, inefficiency and governmental dysfunction. In my view, for a Constitution to achieve its grand goal, proper functioning of all the four estates – Legislature, Civil Administration, Judiciary and the Press created in a democratic system should work effectively. But unfortunately manipulations and flaws start right from the first estate – the legislature which is elected by the people. And if we are witnessing a rampant corruption in many democracies, it’s basically reflecting the collusive escapades of the legislature and executive.

Having said that India has grown exponentially well. From 1900-1950 the annual GDP growth was 1 percent, which in 2010 grew to 7.7 percent. Also, the poverty at 46 percent in 1980 has declined to 16 percent in 2010, making India a powerful economy in the world. I would say the rise of this growth should be attributed to India’s entrepreneurs as they have created India as a vibrant space with over 100 Indian companies with a $1 billion market capital and over 1000 companies that received foreign institution investments. With over 125 Fortune companies R&D base ramping up in India, the Indian research is also improving.

The need of the hour now is to create a similar passion and drive in Nation Building. But as most Indian needs a wakeup call for nation building, we need to have more of similar Anna Hazare movements.

The founder of Siliconindia — Harvi Sachar too felt a need back in 1997 to create a community that stands for India. And today, while siliconindia completing its 14 years of its journey, it has succeeded in coming up with leveraging a community that stands for India in U.S. Now, we are proud to say that with our online platform siliconindia.com, we have been able to connect Indian professionals to bridge the information gap between its over 5 million registered members.

We need such collective and connected voices connected to each other for building a great nation.

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