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'70 Percent of Global Offshore Spending Comes to India'
Saheer Karimbayil
Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Testing is an important step in product lifecycle, and India is one of the few countries dominating in this domain. Recently, many testing practitioners, software developers, software testers, project managers, and software customers huddled together at QAI's 8th Annual International Software Testing Conference (STC 2008) to celebrate this dominance.

The event, at its 8th year, turned a knowledge treasure when experts like Sashi Reddi, Chairman and Founder of AppLabs and Guez, Managing Director of Smartesting shared their experiences as successful enterprisers with the audience.

“Independent testing seems to be growing by 40 percent and automated quality segment would grow at $2.27 billion in near future. As technology companies tighten their IT spending, Indian offshore vendors will see more business in the coming days. Indian vendors have acquired 70 percent of global offshore spending,” said Sashi Reddi.

Many other speakers delivered presentations on the current state of practice in process improvement, latest techniques, and tools and products around software testing, thereby triggering thoughts of testing experts gathered at the event.

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