PlumSlice Labs:Enhanced Product Management Solutions for Omnichannel (R)Etailers

Date:   Thursday , December 11, 2014

The digital boom has transformed retail businesses into instantaneous, information-driven enterprises. Today, Data Analytics is having a profound impact on retail operations, allowing companies of all sizes to serve customers, perform risk-analysis and create new revenue streams. Every customer interaction and movement is captured and measured to refine strategies, and update inventory decisions. With the rapid growth of digital consumption, a retailer is faced with a multitude of choices and with every choice comes a certain amount of risk.
PlumSlice believes in trouncing these risks in the omnichannel retail environment. The company provides a product collaboration platform, which consists of web and mobile applications, enabling retailers to be more efficient in arketing and merchandising operations. Elaborating on the current market scenario, Abnesh Raina, CEO and Founder, PlumSlice, says, \"It is important for retailers to contend with the moving and understanding of this data consistently through multiple channels such as online, brick and mortar, mobile, web, print, and even marketplaces.\" At times, this increased complexity
leads to inconsistent product information, resulting in confusion among potential customers. \"When a customer sees differences in pricing, for example, from one channel to the next, they lose confidence and that can stop a sale. We tackle these situations with a core focus on product data integrity and analytics,\" explains Raina. Via its Product Selection and Product Development Web and Mobile Apps PlumSlice also helps retailers communicate effectively with stakeholders and collaborate with their needs through enhanced product management processes. \"With supply chain members dispersed globally, retailers have to follow up with suppliers constantly to make product selection, manufacturing, and marketing decisions. Shortening this decision cycle is a big need and we are specialized in delivering the right solution,\" says Raina.
The PlumSlice PIM Suite offers collaborative workflow-based repository for all pertinent product content including data, images, and videos.Rather than silos, it has a centralized cloud based access where users can view and edit product information, with automatic logging of all changes. This reduces duplicates, standalone spreadsheets, and data inconsistencies. \"Our platform also unites all the players in product management as a single highly productive team, making the workflow and collaboration easy at all stages of product management,\" adds Raina.
PlumSlice has developed four workflow-based modules including a \"RESEARCH\" module powered by Big Data Analytics to assist retailers in their marketing and merchandizing operations. The modules streamline and enhance data integrity among stakeholders. PlumSlice developed a cloud-based solution using the latest architecture on a modular platform, enabling retailers to integrate PlumSlice easily into the client\'s day-to-day operations. \"Having dealt with data and process integrity, product management, and team collaboration issues, we understand the challenges faced in an omnichannel environment, we have taken care to develop solutions that make life easier for retailers.\"
With its headquarters in San Francisco, CA, PlumSlice has customers across the globe. \"Our clientele includes Sport halet,, and some of India\'s fast growing eCommercesites like\" says Raina. The company will continue its vision to address the complexities in the omnichannel environment.
\"We are also working on applications to further enable retailers for an enhanced mobile consumer environment,\" Raina concludes.