WorldDesk: Making the Desktop Portable

Date:   Friday , November 02, 2012

Menlo Park, CA based WorldDesk delivers personalized mobile computing solutions based around userís devices, the Cloud, VMware and Citrix platforms. In the traditional computing model, each userís applications, data and profile are typically tied to the physical operating system and machine. For enterprises this makes it difficult and highly expensive to manage, and for the user it restricts their flexibly and mobility.

WorldDesk for Enterprise leverages a unique abstraction layer to create a Container. This WorldDesk Container creates a home for the userís applications, files and profiles. As the Container is abstracted from the operating system and machine, it is completely portable. A companyís IT team can now setup, manage and control the desktop (the WorldDesk Container) centrally, but deliver it and run it locally, leveraging the end-userís hardware and operating system. This unique aspect to the WorldDesk platform makes it a reality to support graphic/CPU intensive applications, which are traditionally very hard to deploy in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions. It also greatly reduces the need for expensive back-end investment offering real savings for any organization.

After recently announcing support for a suite of productivity and business critical applications, including heavy weight applications such as AutoCAD, Visual Studio etc., Rao Cherukuri (CEO, WorldDesk) commented that ďCustomers are deploying our WorldDesk for Enterprise platform on existing hardware, making CAPEX go further and reducing OPEX with better and easier IT management.Ē