Squeeze Mobility: Deep Expertise to Empower and Transform Business Process

Date:   Monday , July 13, 2015

Today, the intersection of cloud, enterprise mobility, social networking and the Internet is making enterprises rethink their enterprise mobile strategies. It is altering the way customers interact with businesses, and employees communicate and collaborate. However, there is alack of understanding of the real potential of mobility and a comprehensive mobile strategy, which is presenting challenges in the Enterprise Mobility space. \"There is little awareness on the different technologies that are available as well. Besides, there is a significant absence of coherence which makes it hard for companies to invest in a wise and efficient manner,\" claims Raj Peddisetty, President, Squeeze Mobility. To help businesses achieve greater value, Squeeze Mobility is combining best of breed technologies to provide comprehensive enterprise mobility solutions to enterprises from different industries.

As enterprises require a complete solution provider from strategy to support, Squeeze Mobility helps to define the development strategy that best fits the customer\'s needs and creates the mobility road-map to help them produce long lasting solutions. In addition, the company\'s consulting services empower customers to transform their businesses removing the technological barrier that exists in the market today.

Focusing on enterprise mobility with a heavy emphasis on design thinking, performance and security, Squeeze Mobility provides end-to-end SAP Enterprise Mobility Solutions. The company\'s industry-specific, SAP-certified mobile solutions help customers to gain the most out of their SAP investments. \"We leverage SAP Partnership to help companies do business in new ways,\" says Peddisetty. The company co-innovates with SAP by leveraging the latest technologies and offers feedback to SAP by participating in the Ramp-up programs. \"We are a SAP accredited Quality Partner Program Partner,\" says Peddisetty. This accreditation ensures that Squeeze Mobility offers highest levels of quality expected by customers.

Squeeze Mobility\'s solutions cover a wide arc within an organization, whether it is boosting sales or improving employee culture. The company\'s Smart Delivery app enables distributors to improve distribution performance significantly by allowing the delivery driver to do everything in real-time. \"The delivery driver not only delivers products, but also helps clients to resolve customer support issues and handle reverse logistics,\" says Peddisetty.

In addition, Squeeze Mobility\'s Smart Subcontracting app also enables manufacturers to on-board customers easily, while ensuring quality subcontracting and measuring the subcontracting process. Subcontractors can connect to the manufacturer from anywhere anytime.Squeeze Mobility\'s Lifesaver app for the medical device industry, specially integrates Google, Microsoft and SAP technologies extensively. The app increases productivity and improves supply chain efficiency.

Having a great understanding of corporate strategy, business challenges and offering a complete and comprehensive solution separates Squeeze Mobility from the competition. Listening to customer\'s business needs and exceeding customers\' expectations has been the key driver of success for Squeeze Mobility.The company has helped many customers to improve business processes and achieve greater value.In one instance, the company\'s client, a premium household goods maker was trying to transform the way its dealers interacted with the customers. Squeeze Mobility through its complete suite of mobile, web and Google technologies helped and enabled the client to achieve extra revenue, reduce installation time and have satisfied customers.

Going forward, the company will release product extensions for SAP\'s Fiori suite of mobile applications that will enable customers to learn more about their users and quantify the user experience management. Squeeze Mobility is also planning to release its Smart Sales app which leverages HANA, Google technologies and social media and is poised to be 10 times better than any other SAP Sales mobile solution.