Citrus Informatics: Bolstering Value-Driven Software Development

Date:   Friday , February 03, 2017

Software product development is a dynamic function, where the requirements change continually to better compete in the industry. \"This necessitates the development team to be proactive and vigilant at all times,\" comments Sarji Mohammedali, CEO, Citrus Informatics. With a mission to enable clients to roll out products faster, Citrus Informatics provides breakthrough solutions for product development as well as custom software services in a timely and cost effective manner. \"We develop products in a way that future extensibility is achieved without requiring a base rebuild,\" elucidates Sarji Mohammedali.

Citrus Informatics offers both custom software application development as well as customization of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products to clients who outsource their product development function. \"We provide end-to-end product development services using opensource technologies and tools which reduce the cost of development,\" says Sarji Mohammedali. The processes, methodologies, and tools that are used as part of the integrated project management approach result in better quality products. This coupled with robust frameworks and components ensures reduced cycle times, fast product delivery, lower cost of ownership, better risk mitigation, faster return on investment and quicker time to market. Even after outsourcing, clients have complete flexibility and control of every stage in product development. \"We guarantee that there is a deliverable in each stage which makes the product development more transparent and ensures there is no conflict in understanding.\"

Citrus Informatics also ensures security of client data with enforcement of compliance requirements and implementation of access management. \"Being business associates developing software components for our clients, securing sensitive data is of prime importance to us,\" asserts Sarji Mohammedali. Dealing with clients for whom HIPAA compliance is of paramount importance, Citrus has in depth experience working with HIPAA Compliant servers. Furthermore, the firm helps organizations in the design of RDBMS and big data NoSQL databases based on the information the clients wish to store. \"We take special care to incorporate business logic into the data flow while making sure that the response times, reliability, and performance of the system is optimal.\"

Sarji Mohammedali believes that Citrus Informatics\' ability to offer quality software with minimum maintenance and faster time to market augments its stature in the market. \"We are proactive in coming up with ideas and are always up-to-date with the latest technologies to create adaptive architectures,\" he adds. Citrus Informatics\' product development capabilities have benefitted numerous clients from various sectors. For instance, Citrus Informatics had developed two order and transportation systems for Direct Services, Inc. (DSI), a pharma transportation company. Using the new systems, DSI could automatically receive shipping orders from clients and route transportation of temperature-sensitive pharma products from multiple plants by line haul and last mile delivery across the U.S. \"Citrus Informatics executed the cloud based multi-year development project flawlessly. DSI has greatly benefitted from the product development work carried out by the Citrus Informatics\' team on this complex software system,\" explains Andrew Wildman, CFO of DSI.

Content curation engines, crash analytics software, big data management, physician stature management, operational portfolio management, cybersecurity, context-sensitive information display for healthcare systems and integration platforms for regulated markets are some of the product areas that Citrus currently helps clients with. With expertise developing products for the healthcare, supply logistics, education, broadcasting, manufacturing and medical device space, Citrus is familiar with the regulations and compliance mandates applicable to each industry.