Date:   Monday , November 01, 1999

What is the difference, then, between being successful and being really successful? This and other questions from far and beyond were answered at the first annual siliconindia technology and entrepreneurship conference and leadership awards. We discovered that to be really successful, you need intelligence with humility, hard work with savvy, luck with a knack for identifying opportunities, drive with deep expertise in the business.
As you’ll discern from the report on the conference on page 89, the conference was “an explosive event.” Consolidate in one room a group of smart brains, give them a context and you can create magic – and that is exactly what happened at the conference. And regardless of stature, wealth or age, we saw highly successful individuals go out of their way to advice and mentor excited young professionals and entrepreneurs about their ideas, business plans or companies. We even saw hotshots interrupted at the banquet dinner by individuals attempting to introduce themselves, and they gracefully left their dinner temporarily to shake their hands, exchange business cards and answer questions.

Vinod Khosla, general partner of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers summarized this attitude succinctly in his keynote address, “I feel dumber every day. Every day I come across people who are smarter than me, and know more than I do. And I try my best to learn from them whatever I can.”

We are very excited about bringing this month’s issue to you. Microsoft is a fascinating company, run by keen and visionary people. It has a potent yet successful mix of arrogance and adaptability. It was an exciting experience to put this cover feature (page 40) on such a grand company together.

Another exciting journey for us this month was The Indian Century feature that starts on page 26. To look at the range of events that the nation went through and encapsulates in into text, pictures and graphics was a near-cathartic experience. We hope you not only enjoy it, but it also puts in perspective our past and sets our sights on the future. And last but not least, we would like to wish you a very prosperous Diwali this month. Signifying the new harvest season and the victorious return of Ram with Sita, the festival of lights also marks a time of new journeys and ventures. Good luck for a healthy and successful new year.