Ingenious: Cloud Based Solutions for Performance Monitoring & Operations Management

Date:   Wednesday , April 01, 2015

Cloud enabled Solutions and Big Data are two big disrupters in the current technology-driven era. However, both these trends are facing challenges in terms of security or lack of integrated solutions that can wield their full potential, causing enterprises to underutilize their assets. For instance, in the oil and gas industry, firms are challenged with the ensuing consequences of shale oil and gas boom, which has permanently changed the supply-demand landscape. It has compelled firms to adopt operations management solutions to survive in this low oil price environment. Houston, TX headquartered Ingenious has both expertise and solutions that can enable firms to take a leap over these challenges and reach their profit goals.

\"We firmly believe that companies want to leverage their assets and track, analyze, and optimize their operations and drive their Process to Profit. This is exactly where our focus resides,\" delineates Vibhu Sharma, Chairman and CEO at Ingenious. Ingenious, Inc. is a technology and consulting company providing solutions for planning and scheduling, remote performance monitoring, training simulators, and process consulting and design services to the oil and gas, and energy industries. The company is commended for their prowess in intelligent data processing, via integration with smart process simulation, modeling and optimization tools that allow firms to close the performance gap. This ability of Ingenious is powered by their cloud based performance monitoring software, ProRPM.

\"ProRPM has garnered a lot of traction in the market and we have recently partnered with industry leaders to further empower it to grow our client\'s businesses\" says Vibhu. ProRPM leverages operational data sources such as plant Distributed Control System, data historian and database systems, and lab information and quality systems. This gives its users the opportunity to visualize, analyze, and explore the data on dashboards for actionable insights. \"For example, firms can improve their refinery distillation operation, or reduce energy consumption or manage their environmental and greenhouse emissions,\" explains Vibhu.

ProPlan and ProSched are also a key part of Ingenious\' portfolio. They focus on hydrocarbon supply chain modeling and optimization, which incorporates managing tankers, rail, pipelines, blending, inventory management, feed and product selection and optimization.\"It is a big area of opportunity for companies and traders as using such software tools instead of spreadsheets can add 50 cents a barrel in profits,\" explains Vibhu. These solutions are the result of company\'s deep investments in the area of asset optimization, and Cloud enabled applications. The company recently implemented a successful project for a $14 billion petrochemical conglomerate with multiple operating plants in U.S. It included Ingenious software bundle and advisory services for addressing their client\'s complex issues such as standardized and Cloud based operation training, e-learning, and monitoring of their assets. Today, this bundled software is being used heavily in the firm to channelize safer operations, reduce downtime and insurance costs, and to execute more profitable operations. \"We are an innovative, nimble, flexible and ethical company that strives to satisfy client requirements,\" exclaims Vibhu.

Ingenious is on an aggressive growth path and intends to add partners and more offices to grow its business. The company will continue to add unique cutting-edge features to their Cloud enabled software, including deeper insight and analytics, based on their domain expertise in the hydrocarbon industry.