NASOTECH: Standing Apart from the Usual App Development Brigade

Date:   Tuesday , April 01, 2014

Mobile technology has been evolving at a soaring rate. Most of the user base in the industry has been primarily shifting from web services to mobile. With emergence of hybrid technologies the industry has now started to look beyond the latest technologies apart from the android and iOS platforms too.

Nasotech is one such company providing its expertise in the mobile development space. Founded in the year 2010, by Shiva Thirumazhusai, Nasotech has been creating, architecting and deploying a large number of software applications for mobile platforms. According to Shiva, 90 to 95 percent of the development force today is focused on web services like ERP, CRM, mainframe and many others and the remaining 5 percent narrowing on mobility. \"There are people who are normal phone users and there are people who are highly sophisticated smart phone users and still both of them are able to connect and interact properly. This is the market landscape we targeting.\"

Innovative Products and Services

Armed with its knowledge in app development, Nasotech has aided many companies in building innovative mobile apps for the native iOS and android platforms. With some of its apps also featured by pioneers like Apple, the firm has played a significant role in the development and deployment of OMP (Open Mobile Platform) which enables enterprises to develop applications for mobile platforms independent of their operating platform. Nasotech\'s trademark, mFirst, is a technology platform focused on rapid prototyping and development for Mobile applications. mFirst contains a set of shared services to maximize re-use and expedite product creation, which helps build applications rapidly, share services fundamentally which is a result of them being built in such a way that they become sharable on deployment. mFirst offers three layers of services in \'mFirst runtime\' for accessing device file systems and other infrastructure like networks; \'mFirst Common services\' for notifications and event handling which have been at most use and \'mFirst Custom services\' that are specific to an application or problem domain.

Differentiating Itself

Due to its innovative services on offer the firm has won the confidence of its clients in the federal and commercial sectors and is also lending its services to the not for profit organizations too. According to Shiva, the firm is presently focusing heavily in the US market and with a happy customer base in India, the firm is all set to gain bigger strides in the European market too.

Nasotech to its credit is one of the few firms chosen by Google to test its latest gadget, the Google Glass, to perform a remote surgery. The firm has eyed a sweet spot in the IoT and wearables market and will continue to disrupt these industries. The coming days will see the firm focusing on the healthcare, hospitality, education, enterprise and finance sectors.