Optimal Solutions: Delivering SAP-based Business Transformation

Date:   Tuesday , November 03, 2009

Optimal Solutions was an si100 company in 2008. Interestingly, Optimal predicted sustained growth back then.

An award-winning leader in SAP-based business transformation, Optimal specializes in helping companies and public sector organizations of all sizes leverage SAP solutions to achieve operational excellence, sustainable growth, and a clear-cut competitive advantage. The company’s deep industry experience and exclusive SAP focus makes Optimal the partner of choice for a growing number of Fortune 1000 companies and businesses worldwide.

Optimal’s rock-solid reputation for on-time, on-budget SAP delivery is earned from successfully planning, deploying, maintaining and supporting SAP solutions. With unmatched SAP expertise and deep, industry-specific business process knowledge, Optimal makes it fast, easy and affordable for its customers to evaluate, purchase, implement and maintain the SAP solution best suited for their specific business goals and challenges.

Optimal’s seasoned SAP consulting staff and world-class business process experts are dedicated to helping clients realize the greatest possible near- and long-term value from their SAP investment. Optimal specializes in helping companies maximize ROI on their SAP applications by planning, deploying and maintaining world-class solutions in a timeframe they require, and at a cost they demand.

Fueling it growth, Optimal has recently brought to market a comprehensive portfolio of industry-specific SAP solutions for midsize companies. In connection with this, Optimal has announced a new, highly flexible subscription-based pricing and delivery model that makes it easy and affordable for midsize companies to implement and quickly realize the benefits of running their business on SAP solutions.

“Optimal’s FlexChoice Advantage makes it quick, easy and affordable for midsize companies to benefit from industry best practices based on SAP’s more than 35 years of experience. It’s the perfect low-risk, high-reward scenario,” said Gurvendra Suri, CEO of Optimal Solutions. “We’re confident our subscription-based, on-demand deliver model exemplifies the future of how midsize companies will purchase and implement SAP.”

With over 15 years of experience and a 100 percent satisfied base of clients, Optimal has the proven SAP experience, talent and resources to help companies transform any SAP challenge into a sustainable, competitive edge.