NIKSUN: Moving up in the security space

Date:   Monday , November 02, 2009

Since 1997, NIKSUN has only a single vision: to create the equivalent of the Tivo and Google for the network. Such a solution would provide complete and total visibility into the network. NIKSUN’s vision unveiled into a metadata warehouse, called the NIKSUN Knowledge Warehouse (NKW), for any and all data traversing the network. With a Tivo, a specific program on TV is recorded. For NIKSUN the challenge was greater: develop the ability to record everything or any specific portion of the data traversing the network at current production rates! With Google, metadata is created off-line and real-time updates are not a priority. For NIKSUN, again, the challenge was more significant: create metadata in real-time, while data is moving at rates as high as 10Gbps! Think about the challenge for a minute, the NIKSUN solution has to scale up from bits to applications, undo the whole protocol stack and create metadata on all protocol layers including the application layer in real-time.

Today, NIKSUN’s solutions are deployed in thousands of networks around the world. At any given instance, for a single customer, petabytes (1000’s of terabytes) of information are constantly being processed, analyzed, stored, aggregated, correlated and alarmed upon. From a security perspective this is the equivalent of a camera on the network with heat / motion sensing, face-detection and other high-end monitoring concepts occurring all the time in real-time. “When data is in motion, NIKSUN is in action - the company’s NetDetector analyzes every piece of communication that a customer wants to look at. It not only archives the data for future evidentiary needs, but also alarms when various criteria are matched such as the leakage of critical assets, presence of trojans, viruses and worms, backdoors, and so forth. Many government and corporate clients depend on this amplified level of security to protect their critical infrastructures,” said Dr. Parag Pruthi, CEO and Founder of NIKSUN.

With customers from every major vertical and industry, NIKSUN is well on its way to revolutionize the network monitoring, security surveillance and forensic analysis markets. Forethought coupled with robust architecture and design is what makes NIKSUN’s solution truly ground-breaking.