2009: Defining year for the EDA industry?

Date:   Monday , January 05, 2009

2009 will be the year when the number of companies in the semiconductor infrastructure industry will drop down to a handful. The industry dynamics alone would have been enough to drive this consolidation, but now, the economic crisis will simply force it to happen faster.

Within the semiconductor industry, EDA vendors will face a painful year ahead. Talking to any vendor you will know that their argument is that design is always the last area to suffer in a downturn because chip vendors can't stop the bleeding without the design tools to innovate. This may be true, but the reality is that EDA vendors face declining sales as consolidation and job cuts by chip companies means fewer seats of software.

Many of the smaller EDA startups will not weather this storm.

Given this gloomy background, we present to you
Top 5 EDA Vendors. These are companies that are founded or managed by Indians in the U.S. We have selected them because these are companies, which will more than likely to survive the year intact. These companies have a lot of momentum and will rise above the rest.