WiChorus Betting on 4G in a Big Way

Date:   Thursday , January 01, 2009

Before the advent of mobile phone technology, easy access to landline voice telecommunication was a big challenge. Landline phone connectivity was expensive and it was available only to a few privileged people. Mobile phones changed the way people communicated. Similarly, today the high-speed broadband access is generally provided by landline, and is relatively expensive and hardly available in many parts of the world. The 4G mobile broadband can make high-speed Internet available to masses at a global scale in a short period of time, permanently changing how we live and share information. A small company in Silicon Valley, WiChorus, is contributing in a big way towards realization of this dream.

WiChorus, founded by Rehan Jalil, with the core team from Cisco and Nokia and funded by some of the marquee investors of Silicon Valley, like Redpoint, Accel, Mayfield, and Pinnacle, is already making headlines in the wireless telecom world. In a short period of time itís considered a leader in 4G technological edge and core products. WiChorus SmartCore is an advanced 4G platform that can be used to provide mobile edge and core functions to WiMAX as well as to LTE. On the one hand it enables deployment of macro, micro cells, as well as large-scale femto cells. While on the other, it enables service providers avoid their service becoming a dumb bit pipe by smartly managing and monetizing the service on per application and per session basis.

WiChorus One Open WiMAX initiative has practically changed the old-world telecom model of proprietary interfaces into an open interface deployment model within the WiMAX industry. It has more than 20 companies participating in this program. WiChorus products are sold to service providers directly, as well as through major telecom equipment companies like Nortel, Alcatel-Lucent, ADC, and Harris-Stratex.