XOOUi: Online Encryption System to Secure Critical Information

Date:   Monday , October 19, 2015

In the new age of digitization, data privacy is becoming a strict norm for enterprises across verticals. Most of the organizations today store their critical information in the cloud. \"The cloud services are often breached by hackers,\" says Ruchir Godura, Founder and CEO, XOOUi. Users, who are not technically savvy, find it increasingly difficult to protect their information as the encryption systems are difficult to use. This situation has led organizations to look out for viable partners that can protect their data. XOOUi is one such company that offers an easy to implement online tool, simplifying the challenge of protecting the information stored in thecloud.

When Godura wanted to store his bank accounts, passwords and other critical information, and save it on his cloud drive in order to access it from anywhere, he found that by default all the major cloud services stored user data un-encrypted and potentially vulnerable to a hack attack. I wanted to ensure that my data would be well-secured before storing them, he says. All the tools I could find were either too complex to use or forced me to manage encryption keys or master passwords separately. This incident led Godura and some of his old colleagues to come together and launch XOOUi, with an aim of providing an online encryption system that anyone could use.

XOOUi provides both a web application as well as a Chrome app, which enables users to save critical information such as passwords, Bitcoin keys, secure notes, sensitivefiles or any other critical data. \"We recommend the use of a Chrome application because it provides an additional layer of protection against hackers,\" says Godura. At the same time, the web application ensures that the users can always access their information from any internet connected computer with ease. The Password manager is an attractive built-in feature of the web application as it allows users to save all their internet passwords in one location along with any associated data.

The company supports the Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) segment that needs a secure backup solution for storing their critical data offsite. \"Our main goal is to help our SMBs store fully encrypted data on multiple cloud drives in a simple way, without having to worry about encryption key management,\" says Godura.

XOOUi allows users to encrypt and fragment their files across up five different cloud drives. \"If the hackers try to attack the users\' data, they would need to break into five different cloud drives,\" explains Godura. \"Since the data as well as the encryption keys for the files are stored in these five cloud drives and without all the pieces, the data is unusable.\"

The company\'s application leverages the latest WebCryptoAPI supported by all modern browsers to encrypt users\' files on their computer before uploading them to the cloud drives. \"The user has to log in and provide access to two or more of his cloud drive accounts,\" describes Godura. Each file is then fragmented into a number of parts and the different fragments are uploaded to the user\'s cloud drives.

XOOUi also enables the users to create digital lockers in the cloud. \"Our individual user application is available over the internet to anyone across the globe,\" says Godura.

In the coming years, XOOUi will be focusing on organic growth along with additional investor funds to help build its enterprise application. \"We would like to keep our short term goals manageable and our long term goals ambitious,\" concludes Godura.