Zyoin.com: solving real time Business Problem

Date:   Sunday , March 01, 2009

Imagine corporate paying a month's salary as hiring fee to recruitment consultant for getting prospective Employees. In current economic scenario, does it really make sense to pay such kind of money for introducing prospective hires?

Going to a Job board like naukri.com only adds to the frustration of Employers, as for every good matching lead requires going through hundreds of junks. Employers go to recruiting agencies, just for that. "They do all the filtering, short listing and present to employer, just what an Employer wants, "A qualified pool of interview ready candidate"! This also comes with it's own challenges of identifying the right vendor among the thousands that exist in market and other usual challenges," says Krishna Kumar, CEO, Zyoin.

Bangalore based Zyoin brings best of both the world. The company is founded by a passionate entrepreneur, Krishna Kumar, who founded Unified Technologies, which later got acquired by a public company. Zyoin provides employers, the convenience of a Job board and quality of a Recruitment consulting organization at a substantial lower cost! Here is how it works. Step1: employers post their Job opening on Zyoin.com; Step 2: Requirement seen by India wide network of Freelance Recruiter; Step 3: Freelance Recruiter start uploading details about their pre-qualified candidate from their online/offline network; Step 4: System automatically rejects candidate not matching Employer requirement; Step 5: Zyoin's Client Managers' further reviews the incoming resume and present the final list to Employer in an easy to use convenient online fashion; Step 6: Employer does the hire and makes the payment to Zyoin; Step7: Zyoin shares a part of the money with the Freelance Recruiter.

"And this seems to be working, which is evident from hundreds of referral resume coming to us on a daily basis from thousands of Freelance Recruiter associated with us," says Krishna. There are already over 50 companies who are hiring through Zyoin.com.

Zyoin.com also helps connect employers with prospective employees, many of whom are already employed and not actively job-hunting, via networking - the people who know these qualified candidates. "And there are rewards too for referring a candidate who gets hired. This ranges from Rs.5000-3 Lakhs,"concludes Krishna.