Skava: Predicting Perfectly

Date:   Monday , November 03, 2008

Skava was a Si100 company in 2006. Interestingly, Skava founders predicted the growth of mobile non-game applications, even though all the talk was only about mobile gaming at that point in time. Now, with the launch of Apple iPhone App Store, Google Android Marketplace, mobile apps are all the rage. "People are much more aware of applications and are realizing the full potential of mobile devices. This is great for us as we are working with major brands to deliver these mobile apps," says Sudha K. Varadarajan, Co-founder and CEO.

Now, in 2008, Skava is again anticipating the future - a world where brands and content owners will be able to control the simultaneous and seamless distribution of their media content and marketing across social sites, widgets, gadgets, mobile devices and other emerging technologies. The major hurdle here is what Skava calls “device and channel fragmentation” – there are so many diverse mobile devices, social websites and other emerging media channels that consumers are using that it becomes very hard to develop for and effectively manage each one individually.

Skava’s patent pending @fingertips platform is a solution to this problem. Skava has made it easy for big brands to handle thousands of diverse devices and mobile OS platforms present in the wireless world and many new web platforms and social channels such as Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo Widgets, Google Gadgets, YouTube, which was a nightmare for big brands to be able to effectively offer their content seamlessly across all these channels. “Skava has expanded beyond mobile to encompass social, widgets and other emerging technologies and platforms,” affirms Sudha.

Skava is now working with customers such as Macy’s to take their content and marketing campaigns seamlessly across social, widget and mobile devices. Skava also has grown in the traditional mobile industry, with the launch of many exciting apps and games with major operators, helping brands like USA TODY and ELLE reach to consumers quickly across a full range of mobile devices and handsets.