CipherCloud: Easing Security Concerns in the Cloud

Date:   Monday , January 06, 2014

\"If CipherCloud had existed ten years before, the cloud would have been comprehensively adopted today,\" says Marc Andreessen, cofounder of Andreessen Horowitz and famously known as the founder of Mosaic, the web browser credited with popularizing the World Wide Web. It is no wonder that Andreessen did not hesitate to fund $30 million for CipherCloud\'s initiative, as the technology in question, had the power to redefine cloud computing with its cloud security solutions.

With the cloud gaining more traction today, 25 percent of organizations are poised to use cloud information protection technology to gain its benefits on a safe basis. Answering to these needs is San Jose based CipherCloud, a provider of solutions that delivers cloud encryption and tokenization gateways that secure sensitive information in real-time. Under the leadership of CEO Pravin Kothari, CipherCloud works towards meticulously enabling organizations to securely adopt cloud applications by eliminating concerns that revolve around data privacy, residency, security, and regulatory compliances. The company stands today as an affirmation to build trust in the Cloud as its foremost goal.
When CipherCloud was founded with the tagline to \'build trust in the cloud\', the entire enterprise market was accelerating its move to Virtualization. Kothari hence envisioned the company to create solutions that enables organizations to safely and securely complete the cloud journey while maintaining a high level of security and retain control of information. The cloud security provider first hit the limelight when Kothari showcased CipherCloud\'s offerings at the Dreamforce Conference in December 2010 by presenting a prototype of a product to recruit early customers and offer exposure for his new company. The startup landed the award of \"10 Hot Cloud Computing Vendors to See at DreamForce\". The booth was a success with Kothari running the one man show for up to 10 hours a day for a total of four days.

Ramping Up by leveraging Past Experiences

Having already built four successful startups and the current being his third security startup, Kothari leveraged his previous experiences and understanding of the security market to start and quickly ramp up CipherCloud to a comfortable position. Furthermore, the exploits at the Dreamforce 2010 conference led the security provider to be chosen as the \'Most Innovative Company\' finalist at RSA, the largest annual security conference in the world. Ever since, awards and accolades have become a daily routine for CipherCloud. The cherry on the pie was placed in April 2011, when Gartner, the world\'s leading IT research firm, selected CipherCloud as a \"Cool Vendor in Cloud Security\". The CipherCloud product portfolio today consists of popular cloud applications that are out-of-the-box and provide for companies such as Salesforce, Chatter, Gmail, Microsoft Office 365, and Amazon AWS. Additionally, CipherCloud Connect AnyApp and Database Gateway enable organizations to extend data protection to hundreds of third-party cloud and private cloud applications and databases.

Offerings in Niche Verticals and Expanding Horizons

If awards are anything to go by, the company has rapidly built credibility among several industries where information protection is absolutely critical. CipherCloud now possesses a skilled team of over 300 employees, a dozen industry awards and more than 2 Million users. Providing cloud security Solutions in Niche verticals are not much of a concern for Kothari as the clientele spans the verticals of BFSI, insurance, healthcare, public sector and high-tech industries. Trusting the cloud security provider\'s prowess in the space, two top U.S. banks migrated their consumer loans portal to the cloud, which is protected today by CipherCloud\'s virtual firewall.

CipherCloud today continues to grow into a global organization and has already spread its wings into the regions of Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Germany, New Zealand and UK. Servicing US and Canada as its main strongholds, the company has recently opened its European headquarters in London to help drive expected growth in Europe to reach 20 percent of their annual turnover in 2013. As European organizations increasingly adopt the cloud, CipherCloud is helping them to ensure their sensitive information is fully protected and all government guidelines from the European Union Data Protection Reform and UK Information Commissioners Office are complied with. Moving forward with a clear focus on building trust in the Cloud, and with the rapid growth of Cloud solutions, CipherCloud looks set for a few giant leaps and consolidate its position as the go to provider of cloud security solutions in the near future.