Tuebora: Enhance User Access Provisioning and Access Governance with Real-Time IAM System

Date:   Friday , October 23, 2015

Organizations are refining their business processes by embracing holistic approaches to accomplish and maintain continuous security and governance, risk, and compliance. With the development of e-business, enterprises require new methods to manage access to information and applications across multiple systems, delivering on-line services to employees, customers and suppliers without compromising on security. A key component of this strategy rests on Identity and Access Management (IAM)/Governance Solution. Santa Clara, CA based Tuebora offers agile, adaptive, and real-time IAM needed for small and large enterprises at a low total cost of ownership. Tuebora IAMSuite360, also available as a Service (IAMaaS), enables enterprises to obtain the most sought after results for their risk management initiatives and in meeting regulatory and compliance requirements continually and in real-time. \"This suite covers an array of services that ranges from user provisioning to access certification and access change monitoring, user activity monitoring, self-service password management among others,\" remarks Sanjay Nadimpalli, Founder and CEO, Tuebora.

Tuebora IAMSuite360 provides three core industry leading user provisioning and Identity and Access Governance capabilities to further detect, analyze, and notify important access changes across all organizational assets. This includes iGovernance360, iPass360 and iDataGov360 that take control of all identity access management requirements and governance hardships. Each solution is modeled thoroughly keeping in mind client\'s requirements that integrate into organizational workflow. \"We built a scalable engine that monitors all changes that impact access in an enterprise. We have deep analytics that analyze such changes and that provides a mechanism to quickly act on such changes as required - unauthorized activity or activity that violates compliance requirements for example,\" says Nadimpalli. Tuebora iGovernance360 offers access audit, certification, access control violation remediation via email/SMS/tablet/Smartphone and customized alerts and notifications. \"We integrate with industry leading SIEM tools (Security Information and Event Management) and provide complete information of not only who has what access but also what they are doing with it,\" remarks Nadimpalli. Tuebora iPass360, a self-service password management solution, integrates with proprietary or third-party authentication mechanisms and helps drastically reduce helpdesk calls. This feature enables Tuebora\'s clients with multi-factor authentication, customized password policies based on user and application profiles. On the other hand, Tuebora\'s data access governance service, iDataGov360, empowers organizations to monitor, control and manage access to unstructured data.

Bringing such comprehensive IAM services to the market has helped Tuebora to attract illustrious clients from across the globe and deliver outstanding and productive IAM programs. To exemplify, a large insurance company that has more than a million customers and operates globally had a manual process for certifying access for users across various applications. This resulted in enormous delay in granting access to new users. Tuebora automated the process of new user provisioning with iGovernance360 and eliminated the need for workforce that did manual provisioning. The insurance behemoth is now seamlessly able to manage and govern access across complex IT environments in a timely manner and also reduce cost.

Recently, Tuebora signed up with a partner that required building a connector for two enterprise systems for one of its customers. Within three days, Tuebora was able to build the connectors to both Oracle EBS and IBM Maximo systems. This is a clear validation that the IAM platform delivered as APIs is allowing customers and partners to build integrations in a short period of time which is a significant differentiator for us, remarks Nadimpalli. Tuebora\'s next version of product is focused on access visibility across devices. As organizations and others embrace smart devices which have significant capabilities, it is imperative to manage and govern access to them through an IAM Platform. We are well positioned to capture that market, concludes Nadimpalli.