Spending quality time

Date:   Thursday , August 02, 2007

A graduate from S.J. College of engineering, Mysore, and an alumnus of IIT Delhi, B.G. Prasanna Krishna has over 21 yrs of experience, with stints at Sonata, Wipro, and IBM. He recently left IBM to take over as Lab Director at Torry Harris Business Solutions (THBS), a U.S. headquartered IT Services Company. “THBS is comparatively smaller in size and revenue but it gives me the flexibility and freedom to do what according to my perspective is best for the organization,” says Prasanna.

He believes in spending quality time rather than quantity time. He regrets about having spent quantity time in the initial stages of his career when he did not focus on spending quality time, which resulted in his inability to successfully balance the professional and personal lives. He attributes his success to honesty, integrity, and passion for business. A voracious reader and quite involved in spirituality, he meditates regularly and is also a member of the Ramakrishna Mission. His advice to techies is to avoid frequent job-hopping. “The grass is always greener on the other side. But if you want to find your real value, work in a place for a while,” he says.