Kanchi Technologies: Bringing Transparency

Date:   Tuesday , May 01, 2012

Companies abroad find the opportunity of outsourcing to countries like India very lucrative but still face several issues when it comes to implementing it. The main issue is the lack of transparency or visibility about what really is happening in the companies that they outsource their work to. How many people are actually working on the project, how qualified are they, how much hours are actually being put into it and all these factors never seems to surface clearly. Foreign companies have been trying to tackle this issue ever since India made its presence felt on the global IT outsourcing map for the first time. But when it comes to Kanchi Technologies a whole different scenario is visible. The company which came into the field amidst of the great recession in 2009 has chosen a path travelled by few of its predecessors and contemporaries, a path that offers utmost transparency to its clients and this has helped it to gain a rather good foot print even in this highly volatile business scenario.

Sunil Kanchi, with extensive experience in the industry was well aware of the major pain points of enterprises. This prompted him to start Kanchi Technologies, a company that specializes in the domain of engineering solutions, services and consulting, so that he can successfully help them manage and overcome this issue and addressing the challenges they are facing. "We came in to business to solve the inefficiencies and the ineffectiveness of current engineering services companies. We believe we are building a better mouse trap and constantly trying to improve it. In the depth of the global recession, I was trying to use the years of experience buying and selling services and making sure we are addressing the challenges the customers were facing," says Sunil, Founder & CEO, Kanchi Technologies.

The solution and services offered by the company includes Engineering Services, Mechatronics, Engineering IT, and Consulting. The company deploys outsourcing and co-sourcing appropriately for different kind of engagements, this along with its Adaptive Global Delivery ModelSM acts as the key differentiator of the company. This process driven organization finds pride in its performance driven culture and always makes sure that they have got their fundamentals right. "We feature a global delivery model with localized hiring We try to hire from the U.S. for U.S. based positions," says he. The company focuses on building more "engaged" teams: employees who clearly understand their individual goals (and relate to the larger goals of the company) and thus naturally become more engaged with their work. "The professional performance driven culture is new to many employees who still believe working long hours will get them further, so we are still working towards getting the "engaged" team model perfect," adds Sunil.

Jaismon Emmanuel Head of Delivery, manages the delivery organization from Bangalore, India, adds, "We believe that execution is everything and hence we built the delivery organization with primary focus on "Execution Excellence". We are sticking to the basics and try doing things right the first time itself. We are constantly focusing to expand and improve competency related to our customers." The company is presently working towards being a more mature delivery organization in terms of getting ISO certified and CMMi certified. "We are perfecting how we do business in India and the different regions of the globe, we have had our share of challenges but we are learning and learning quick. I believe we have the right attitude to get to our goal," says Sunil. The vision, 'Execution Excellence', for the future seems to be very clear for the company and its management and they are working towards it.

Execution Excellence and Adaptive Global Delivery Model are service marks of Kanchi Technologies Inc.