GlobalLogic: Smart Outsourcing

Date:   Tuesday , February 07, 2017

Outsourced Product Development (OPD), as a business model, has gained acceptance as an extended development option for numerous organizations. It represents a relatively low-risk, high benefit opportunity for product-based businesses to enhance their productivity. Laser-focused on offering offshore product development and R&D services, GlobalLogic has become a champion in the OPD arena. GlobalLogic provides complete product lifecycle services that combine chip-to-cloud software engineering expertise and vertical industry know-how to help customers design, build, and deliver their next generation products and digital experiences. Bringing its prowess in integrating design, complex engineering, and agile delivery capabilities to the table, the company delivers superior business outcomes for global brands. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, GlobalLogic operates design studios and engineering centers around the world, extending the benefits of their true global presence to customers in telecom, automotive, healthcare, technology, media and entertainment, manufacturing, and semiconductor industries.

Since becoming a part of GlobalLogic in 2008, Shashank Samant has helped turn the company from a group of bright technology minds working with startups into a global Digital Product Engineering Services leader assisting Fortune 500 companies with their innovation agenda. Under Samant\'s leadership-President and CEO of GlobalLogic-the company has experienced explosive growth in size and revenue, all the while developing a culture that fosters engaged employees breeding innovation and client success.

Samant has put his vast experience of leading product engineering teams in numerous multinational corporations to take GlobalLogic to new heights. With a passion for technology and innovation, Samant is focused on transforming GlobalLogic into a trusted partner for multinational conglomerates and an entrusted employer with a robust culture that evolves as the company grows. With a \'success mantra\' to connect, collaborate, and innovate, Samant has created a difference in the work culture of GlobalLogic, where employees make it a point to connect with each other internally or externally and foster collaboration and innovation.

\"GlobalLogic is betting big on its design-led engineering services expertise to create its own identity in the intensely competitive product engineering services space\"

GlobalLogic employs more than 6,000 people and delivers R&D services to leading technology-enabled organizations. Since 2001, the company has been offering innovative products, services, and experiences. They work with both start-ups and technology giants, including over 80 percent of the top global technology brands, to design and build innovative products that provide a competitive edge. With innovation hubs and design studios around the world, GlobalLogic delivers the broad range of technology design and engineering skills needed to help its clients stay ahead. The company is connected globally by its award-winning “Velocity” innovation platform, and thrives on Agile collaboration. Backed by renowned investors, GlobalLogic has global offices in Argentina, Chile, China, Germany, India, Israel, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

According to experts at GlobalLogic, demand for design and software development services has grown significantly in the past five years and is expected to continue to do so, as the next-generation cloud-based software platforms, mobile and web applications, and Internet of Things (IoT) have collectively amplified the need for design-led software development expertise. Creating these types of products requires advanced skill-sets, as well as large development teams to build and support these solutions that truly accelerate digital innovation for customers. \'We show our employees how to \'connect the dots,\' not only between different stages of the product development lifecycle, but also between similar business and technology challenges that surface across different industries,\' says Samant.

The Change Maker

With the market for outsourced product engineering services increasing at a never-before rate, many firms have been struggling to grow their revenue as the familiar cost arbitrage model advantage is gradually weakening. While numerous organizations have started to enhance their productivity in a non-linear way with a huge focus on automation, some players are posing themselves differently to create their own unique positioning. To that end, GlobalLogic helps businesses create value across the entire product lifecycle-not just by developing cutting-edge apps, but also by helping make mature products relevant to digitally-savvy consumers. Using experience-led design strategies, they also help customers re-imagine business, including the ways they engage consumers, develop products and services, and expedite time-to-market. Knowing that businesses have to do more than just keep up with trends, GlobalLogic helps them succeed with breakthroughs that disrupt industries and businesses.

GlobalLogic is betting big on its design-led engineering services expertise to create its own identity in the intensely competitive product engineering services space. As software becomes the most essential part of any product, GlobalLogic is looking at participating in projects that allows it to showcase their proficiency while maintaining its unique expertise. Consider the example of GlobalLogic working with LA Galaxy, Major League Soccer\'s most successful club on a unique challenge. LA Galaxy had a vision to connect its large fan base and community using the latest digital technologies. GlobalLogic partnered with the club to build a digital platform to engage fans and enhance experience during and after the games. What\'s important is that GlobalLogic arrived at the overall design after rigorous in-stadium observation and interviews with clubs and fans. This was used as the blueprint for user experience and the graphical user interface. Back-end architecture was designed based on LA Galaxy\'s current plans and expected future requirements. The platform was optimized for flexibility, allowing integration with third-party APIs and utilization of data analytics for easy expansion as and when the club\'s and fans\' requirements evolve.

Similarly, the firm created an Android app for Qualcomm that demonstrated how Qualcomm\'s Snapdragon Sense ID could be used in a healthcare setting. The application integrates with the fingerprint recognition system to authenticate a mobile device user\'s identity and wirelessly transfers their insurance information to a clinic or hospital.

Connecting to the Consumer

GlobalLogic has always connected the dots across ecosystems, bringing together makers and markets to create amazing products. Now, they are helping businesses connect these dots back to consumers, not only to engage with products and services, but also contribute towards their continuous development. GlobalLogic has been working hand-in-hand with a plethora of enterprises, learning not only to place consumers at the center of the business, but to also define their strategic relationship with the clients to better engage consumers and strengthen brands. GlobalLogic follows a four-step strategy in order to foster a healthy work environment for enhanced productivity: attract, motivate, develop, and retain. As the company associates with some of the biggest names in technology, it strives to identify and hire the best talent. In addition to holding job fairs and collaborating with local universities, the organization also utilizes social media for hiring.

According to industry reports, the total addressable market for offshore engineering teams, both captives and service providers, is pegged at 200 billion dollars and is growing at about 13-14 percent annually. GlobalLogic has managed to grow at a faster pace, due to its focus on user design. For instance, the company has doubled its revenues in the last three years, and is aiming at doubling it again within the next three years. Moving ahead, GlobalLogic wants to expand its global footprint and offer clients innovative and exceptional outsourcing services that can take businesses to new zenith.