SNIA India gets individual identity

Date:   Friday , September 01, 2006

Storage needs have accelerated like never before with information growing at the rate of 60 to 80 percent around the world in all computing markets.

Keeping this booming market in the background, Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) announced that SNIA India would henceforth function as a self-governing regional affiliate.

A non-profit organization burgeoned to simplify storage networking technologies; SNIA was incorporated in December 1997 with members across the globe as regional affiliates, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, China, Europe (EMEA), Japan and South-Asia.

SNIA India is affiliated to the South Asia program since its inception and has become an autonomous organization in July this year. An increasing presence of global storage vendors, systems integrators and storage professionals in the country has made storage networking a key focus in this region. Says P.K. Gupta, Chairman of SNIA India “The Indian market for storage is growing at a fast pace. We see SNIA has a role to fuel this growth.”

SNIA also launched the Technical Center Champions Program (TCCP), aimed at creating a channel for prime vendors in data storage and networking industries. The program will enable them to showcase their solutions and help advance the storage industry as a whole.
The TCCs are companies that have contributed products to be used in SNIA programs benefitting its members, industry experts, storage vendors and end-users to arrive at validated solutions for common IT challenges.

The association was earlier credited for introducing the industry’s first vendor-independent certification program for storage networking: the SNIA Storage Networking Certification Program (SNCP), to create standards for gauging storage networking expertise worldwide.

SNIA India has a membership of over 63 storage vendors, end-users, institutions, channel members and individuals. Lauding the rapid achievement by SNIA India, Wayne Adams, Chairman of SNIA said, “With the continued globalization of IT operations and high-tech development and customer care investments in India, SNIA will deliver increased value through formal affiliation of SNIA-India.”