Agralogics: Quantifying Nature for the Enterprise to Deliver Reduced Operational Variability

Date:   Thursday , October 22, 2015

In today’s evolving business landscape, the global Food and Water Ecosystem is struggling under the combined pressures of a growing population, climate uncertainty, increasing public regulation and volatile market forces. Subsequently, the need for quick and timely access of data around the food ecosystem is increasingly becoming important to sustainably increase productivity, while shaping more efficient and equitable markets. Data is needed to underpin new products and services wherein information from a wide range of sources helps everyone from SMEs, policy-makers to stakeholders find gaps in markets and fine-tune their products or services. “The data is easily available, but not easily accessible,” states Sumer Johal, Founder and CEO, Agralogics. “The data about our natural world – air, land and water is extremely fragmented and is exploding in volume, variety and velocity across the globe.” Adding value through quantifying “nature’s data” is becoming a big challenge and opportunity for the global food ecosystem.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley (Sunnyvale, CA), Agralogics is determined to make this data actionable by enterprise food ecosystem stakeholders—at a global scale. The company enables customers to easily access and share quantifiable information that affects their day-to-day operations. This service is delivered on a cutting-edge, mobile-first collaboration platform that enables stakeholders to reduce uncertainty in their operations. “Our SaaS platform allows our customers to access relevant data, and helps them collaborate using nature’s quantified data so as to reduce their operational variability,” states Johal. The platform enables a unique organization and mashup of private and public “layers” of data for the user to get timely insights enabled by mobile notifications, data visualization, back-casting, statistical trending and biological calendars. “We allow users to horizontally cut through layers, and access data for which they have the permission resulting in value delivery around what we call the three Cs—collaboration, conservation and compliance,” reveals Johal.

Agralogics’ data-driven insights have helped many clients to achieve operational efficiency in their activities around growing, processing, and selling food. In an instance, a processor—having 30,000 acres of land across 14 different counties and procuring ten different varieties of tomatoes—was facing problems due to uncertainty of weather which caused inefficient timing of harvesting operations. The customer needed a prediction of the dates of harvest, based on weather, soil, and a variety of other information.

Agralogics’ platform dynamically suggested the harvest date on a daily basis and updated it constantly. In the end, the customer had an efficient harvest schedule which resulted in 10-20 percent improvement in the quality of the product and a uniform delivery flow to the factory. Moving forward, Agralogics will continue its focus on up-to-date security measures to deliver secure data privacy. “We are focused on finding better ways to ensure stronger privacy privileges while at the same time balance the desperate need for collaboration,” says Johal. In the days to come, the company is also planning to create locally empowered coalitions and partnerships by conducting business development trips in the U.S. and around the globe.