Trigent: Redefining the OPD Market with an All-inclusive Approach

Date:   Tuesday , January 13, 2015

A leading firm recently faced the challenge of developing a comprehensive proposal to win a business bid for their client. It required major changes as the scenario was highly competitive. The firm chose Trigent Software, a Southborough, MA based provider of offshore outsourcing and technology solutions, who planned an entirely new outsourcing model by including incentives for success and penalties for failure. This is one among the many success stories drafted by Trigent, an Outsource Product Development veteran. At Trigent, there is a continuous evaluation and screening of industry trends with inherent long-term value. Being an OPD leader, Trigent is able to get a preview of the imminent industry changes. For instance, three years ago the company could utilize smart device technology for internet enabled Personally Controlled Health Care Records for a healthcare firm.

It was the confidence in past experiences and background of their team for the higher end of the tech-spectrum such as required for the OPD market that prompted the Trigent team to venture into OPD market.

Bharat Khatau, Chairman and CEO explains why Trigent\'s OPD approach is unique. The OPD market is changing rapidly where vendors are helping software companies transform their products with quick turnarounds and best in class technologies. We have organized our OPD practice into three dimensions, namely, Transform, Accelerate and Optimize product development. Thereby, all the services and offerings are encompassed to help software product vendors meet market challenges. Every developer, architect and manager is trained along each of these dimensions to provide holistic solutions to customers, instead of temporary fixes or joint projects.

Why Trigent?
The stand-out feature about Trigent has been their track record. Over the years, the firm has successfully created more than hundred products. As part of ensuring product quality, industry best practices are implemented for quality operations and measurements. Additionally, the quality processes are mapped to prevailing industry standards and adopted for multi-site and multi-time zone development environments. And, every release is checked for completeness and meets pre-decided customer\'s release criteria.

Also, customers are assured of complete transparency. With this aim, Trigent was an early adopter in the use of Agile methods to suit the fast moving world of internet based development. These methods are intrinsically collaborative since teams work along with client engineers, architects and product managers in line with product roadmaps and plans. Development takes place with the use of standard IDEs and tools. Also, best in class solutions are used for tracking code check- in, maintenance defects or support requests.

\"Our customers are assured of quality products based on their schedule. Many of our customers are business owners who solely depend on us for product engineering. In the background, we invest in the necessary training, tools and technologies to provide superior customer experience\", continues Khatau. Moreover, collaboration tools such as Basecamp or SharePoint extranets for project collaboration, online or offline enhance their competency levels. Also, the structured communication framework imparts transparency at project, operations and executive levels. At each level, the firm adheres to stringent parameters, guidelines, systems and frequency of communication.

An impressive clientele encompassing many F500, F2000 and SMEs validate their efforts. Trigent is currently a significant presence in manufacturing, hi-tech, healthcare, aerospace and home automation domains.

The last few years saw Trigent recording consistent growth rate at 20-25 percent. Trigent materialized their expansion plans for India with new development centers in Pune and Bengaluru. Currently, Khatau is looking forward to strengthening their employee base. Another important future plan is expanding into targeted U.S cities such as Chicago and Dallas.