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Date:   Tuesday , April 01, 2008

After a stint in product management at a startup helping several Fortune 1000 companies implement its ‘visionary’ SaaS (Software as a Service) on-demand platform, Sachin Saxena decided to redefine his own course - help new startups. His specialty is in launching software products, but he missed the exhilaration of helping young technology companies realize their potential.

Saxena, now 42, had worked at or consulted for several startups. He has seen several entrepreneurs spend virtually all of their time wrestling with the implications of the accelerating pace of work and life. They try to navigate the turbulent waters of the economy with a business plan that is as sustainable as a raft made of popsicle sticks. “So many startups have great technology but no real go-to-market plan or a strategy,” says Saxena, who wanted to reach out to them. They think, ”We’ve got this cool product, so we can??%9