Infineta Systems: A ‘Solution’ to counter WAN Traffic Explosion

Date:   Monday , May 02, 2011

There is an exponential growth in WAN traffic between large, critical data centers today. Data center applications are enormously bandwidth hungry and intolerant of the lowest amounts of latency. To date, enterprise customers dealt with this traffic explosion either by buying more bandwidth or by limiting the amount of traffic sent across the data center interconnect for things such as large-scale replication and backup. Both were not remedies but ways to delay the inevitable, and were not practical in a long run because of the ballooning costs incurred by the former and the increased risks borne by the business from the latter.

Realizing an opportunity in this crisis, led Raj Kanaya and K.V.S. Ramarao to co-found Infineta Systems in 2008. The San Jose headquartered company helps provide companies a better solution to improve the performance of inter-data center WAN application traffic. Infineta’s product showcases an inventive new network data reduction technology which is purpose-built to accelerate data center class applications that make up this inter-data center traffic. Infineta’s products combine critical traffic control, WAN optimization, and multi-stage data reduction to enable customers to significantly make better use of their inter-data center WAN infrastructure.

It’s more critical than ever that customers be able to accelerate the applications on their WAN. Enabling WAN mobility for all forms of data center traffic – from storage and databases to applications and live migrations of virtual machines – requires a high performing, high capacity inter-data center network platform. That is what Infineta delivers.