Breaking down the task

Date:   Tuesday , October 31, 2006

Always set short term goals, they produce better execution, and helps one to measure themselves.” Tall words from the most recent appointee at Hitachi Data Systems: Rahul Guha.
Allotted the role of Director for Channel Development for the India market, Guha will lead the data storage providers into the SMB market.

He is also responsible for the overall India Partner Plan; aimed at building channels by leveraging companies to recruit, motivate and enable partners in their business. A chemical engineer by qualification, he jumped into the IT bandwagon 12 years ago. He had prior exposures at CA as Channel Manager and Symantec.

Guha’s idea of leadership is contriving a sense of belonging where one can delegate work and be a mentor. “Mentorship is an integral part of leadership, otherwise, you lose track of your responsibilities.”

So what short-term goal does this karate expert have in mind?

“Create a brand name synonymous with quality storage needs,” comes the self-assured reply from the self-assured leader.