Collaboration: Causing the Buzz around the Industry

Date:   Wednesday , August 06, 2014

Prysm is a privately held video wall designer and manufacturer headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. Founded in 2005, the firm has received a funding of $ 147.6 million from Artiman Ventures, Partech Ventures and others.

Businesses make enormous investments in human capital and are continually looking for ways to make the most of that investment. Meetings are the platforms for power of the group to be harnessed.

However, without the right tools, meetings can become a time sink and impediment to action. The need of the hour are solutions that shift meetings from a passive lean back experience to an active lean forward engagement. By engaging people, unleashing creativity and removing the roadblocks to decision making, companies can harness the value of the investment they have made in their employees.

Confluence of Technology Trends that enable Powerful Tools for Collaboration

The winning solutions will deliver on three fundamental needs. First, they will be intuitive and easy to use. Second, they will allow users to access their work and documents from anywhere. Third, they will provide engagement. Our Cascade series collaboration video walls and displays meet all these needs. They operate just like a tablet - there is no need for training or issues with user retention. With our cloud services, users can access their data from anywhere, and our Cascade displays deliver stunning image quality and are truly immersive and engaging.

Financing is Often Top of Mind Stuff

Whether it is attracting capital or customers, the fundamental challenge is breaking through the noise to communicate that the solution is the right one. First, one should use the power of their network. It can be one of their most valuable assets, and the network can help them attract talent, garner customers and raise financing. In addition, seek out unique ways to communicate their value proposition and differentiate the solution. Sometimes inspiration can be found by looking at industries outside our own. (As told to Sagaya Christuraj)