The Valuable Employee

Date:   Saturday , September 30, 2006

We try and keep an open mind to employees who want to re-join the company. Iím not among those who believe in not rehiring an employee, who had once left the organization.

Having said that, the market in India is volatile. Employees are constantly looking at their personal needs or become dissatisfied with their managers, so the movement is fairly frequent.

Then there are employees, who move for personal reasons and later realize that circumstances have changed and they need to review things. A lot of people who left us for supposedly better jobs are now returning to us within 4-5 months.

We understand that people have to make life and career choices. So if they are seen as valuable employees during their tenure with the company, we are open to the idea of taking them back and we have done so in the past.

We seldom re-hire returning employees into a better position than what they previously had. Normally they are re-hired into pretty much the same level, in terms of both designation and emolument , unless, of course they have been gone for a significant period and have advanced their career within another company.

What we donít want to do is give the impression that employees can just leave the organization and that we will always be open to taking them back.

It depends on the companyís current needs and the circumstances under which they left.