Vedic Soft: Soft pedaling success

Date:   Monday , November 03, 2008

Until 2000, IT solutions companies followed a model of “strong client base”. Any company with an established base of clients was regarded high in the industry. But Vedicsoft, a provider of IT services and business solutions in data management and enterprise integration, changed that outlook.

It brought in a culture of “strong product base”. They proved that the supplier does not have to do much selling; clients would naturally be attracted to a supplier with a strong product or service base.

The change it brought about was remarkable, given that the company was helmed by Bhat Dittakavi and Venkat Yerubandi, childhood buddies and first-time businessmen. “As technical consultants, we observed the lopsided policies and employee relations maintained by our employer. We realized that we can do a far better job in all the fronts especially in customer care and employee care. Eventually, it led us to start our own business,” they recall.

Vedicsoft’s biggest differentiator, according to Bhat and Venkat, is its employees. “We have over 275 clients in the form of our employees. They are our clients, our products and our brand ambassadors,” says Bhat.

It received the Business of the Year NJ Finalist award from Ernst & Young in 2008. This was possible given the key differentiators the company had built over the years:
Boutique in Data Integration and Business Intelligence: Vedicsoft has built a 9-years niche in Data integration and business intelligence.

360 degree Transparency: The company is transparent with employees and customers at all levels, says Venkat. Transparency leads to employee loyalty; that leads to word-of-mouth referrals, which lead to relationship building.

Also, Vedicsoft’s clientele of clients is diverse and comes from across the US. “This makes us less susceptible to slump in any particular industry vertical, let that be 2001 dotcom bubble or the present credit crisis,” says Venkat.