Unique Value Proposition through Customized Solutions & Services!!

Date:   Monday , July 01, 2013

Founded in 2005, Redmond based Netvega Solutions is an enterprise e-commerce, web solutions and custom application development company.

In today's agile world, what most clearly differentiates you from your competitors is unique value proposition you bring to your customers using customized solutions and services. Such unique value proposition is a direct result of the innovation that you build into your processes, technology, solutions and services. Standard software are available to all businesses, but the way those software solutions are customized and the degree to which your proprietary software and innovation is integrated into your business and business processes to create a unique value proposition for your customer, can make the difference between being an industry leader or a struggling commodity provider.

"One Size Does Not Fit All"

Customer problems are unique and they have special needs specific to their portfolio, which are often not completely fulfill by off-the-shelf solution. Since customized solution is developed for a single customer, it can accommodate that customer's particular preferences and expectations. Customized solution can be designed in stages, allowing all customer needs and possible hidden risks to be taken into account, including issues which were not mentioned in the specifications. Large companies commonly use customized solutions for critical functions or to fill the gaps present in the existing software.

Likewise, customized services also plays an immense role in crafting a value proposition for customers. There are hundreds of thousands of companies in the world that provide their customers with a complete end-to-end solution and services to meet the most demanding, business-critical needs to maximize the return of their investment with technical expertise. These services includes but not limited to: Application development, Integration, Consulting, Staffing, Management, Testing and more. What makes customized services unique is that it is crafted especially for customer needs and provides customer with distinctive competitive edge. Such investment in crafting a services to meet customer needs is part of a broader strategy that helps customer transform their innovative ideas into market-leading business processes and opportunities.

Finding a unique proposition differentiation for your customers in this market is far more likely when you become involved and understand your customers, tune-in to their "requirements, problems and needs" where they accurately tell you what they want or don't want. Your ability process such needs and think big to deliver customized solution + service by being the best in price, is a differentiator.

Customer value proposition is a cost vs. benefits equation that shows their motivation. Customer benefits hold different weight to different customers. You need to find out which of the benefits are most important to your customers. If benefits from your customized solution + services outweigh the costs of your solution or service, your customer is motivated to act.

Customer Motivation = Customer Benefits– Customer Costs
Fundamentally, it is an approach that builds stronger customer relationship and delivers the best experience, the greatest choice, the most opportunities and the unique value proposition to your customers.