Sega Dreamcast

Date:   Monday , November 01, 1999

Perhaps feeling left out of the gaming console saga, Sega has introduced its 128-bit Dreamcast. Not only does the Dreamcast surpass Nintendo 64 and Sony Playstation in terms of graphics performance, but it also provides Internet connection. The standard 56K modem lets gamers surf the Web, upload and download games, chat with other Dreamcast users and send and receive email.
Dreamcast runs on the Microsoft Windows CE operating system and contains a 200-MHz Hitachi SH-4 CPU, 16MB main memory, 8MB video memory, 2MB audio memory, a 128-bit graphics engine, and a 64-channel audio processor, along with the aforementioned 56K modem.

Until Sony's PlayStation II, slated for release late next year, comes out, Dreamcast is the console of choice. Currently, eighteen games are available.

The Dreamcast package includes the Dreamcast unit itself, one controller, 80-inch A/V and power cables, a game demo disc and Sega Web browser software. The demo disc contains playable versions of Midway's Ready to Rumble, CapCom's Power Stone, Sega's House of The Dead 2, and Sega's Sonic Adventure, each of which costs $50 (street) in full versions.

List price: $199 - Contact: