Hanna Global Solutions: Simplifying HR Solutions

Date:   Friday , November 01, 2013

In their drive for global business growth, companies face a host of problems such as immigration, compliance, payroll, benefits, and insurance. Looking at all these problems and with a plan to simplify the whole process Mathew Augustine along with Mark Hanna and Joseph Genovese started Hanna Global Solutions (HGS), a niche employee benefits advisory and administration firm that builds solutions specifically directed to the multinational employers. The firm helps its clients stay ahead by overcoming the challenges of administrative overload, legislative complexity, multi-country benefits, and payroll.

HGS services to its clients are built around a fully integrated employee benefits administration solution using their proprietary technology and business processes. The firm also focuses on legislative compliance, employee on-boarding and global HR Services to boost their client\'s business goals and reduce cost. The employer solutions that HGS provides are benefits consulting, benefits administration, employee advocacy, benefit plan accounting and audit, compliance, and retirement plan oversight.

HGS prides itself in providing its clients with simplicity against a backdrop of very complex HR and benefit scenarios, and saving them money in the process. In 2013, HGS enhanced their benefits administration platform to meet the requirements of Private Insurance Exchanges, and has already been selected as the partner for two national private exchange offerings. HGS plans to fully expand its customer base beyond its niche, IT services segment, and capture the maximum share of the market using its Private Exchange technology platform. With their experienced team of experts, technologies, subject matter expertise, process and network, HGS is looking to target their services to almost any medium or large company in the United States.