Storage and Solar Technologies are Paving Way for Self-Reliant Homes

Date:   Sunday , October 05, 2014

Founded in 2011, Bidgely, a Sunnyvale, CA, headquartered firm is a provider of an energy analytics platform designed to enable utilities to develop specific and actionable insights. The company has raised $5 million from Khosla ventures

The industry is being revolutionized by the recent developments associated with smart grids and smart meters, paralleled by the trends in Cloud. The industry is fast- embracing modernization and huge investments are taking place in grid infrastructure. Among the modernization attempts, an interesting trend is the wide-spread installation of smart meters. Moreover, I am excited about the on-going attempts to combine energy into people\'s lives. Bidgely is creating awareness on a conscious-approach towards utilization of energy. It is imperative to learn how much energy is consumed by household appliances such as refrigerators, pool pumps or air-conditioners. While making structured information available, the firm gives importance to itemized energy billing, which is currently not available. Nowadays, your credit card bills, phone bills or bank bills are itemized, whereas energy bills are not, and Bidgely is working towards changing it, thereby going a step ahead in combining energy with the current lifestyle.

The Future-driving Trends

The latest developments in Solar and Storage turn the spotlight on themselves with respect to the foreseeable future. More and more homes are becoming self-reliant banking upon the solar technologies, and the penetration of solar instruments into homes still continues. Homes, dependent on Solar, self-produce the required energy, and store it for further use, since creation and preservation of energy can take place only during the day-time. Therefore, Solar and Storage, together, paves way for grid-independent homes. The trends, new rules and recent happenings, have pressurized the utility sector, which has realized that the traditional ways are going to diminish within the next five to ten years. One of our future-oriented strategies would be enhancing the relationship between the industry and its customers. For this, we need knowledgeable customers, who could compare things and arrive at their own decisions, than merely paying the bill.

The Key Concerns

The immediate challenges for an entrepreneur vary greatly, depending on the specific cases. For example, if you look at the leadership in some organizations, many are experts in managing people, but are deficient in product knowledge. And, in many cases knowledgeable experts prove to be incompatible managers. Furthermore, the industry has to tackle a wide range of concerns including raising funds, finding a talented team, besides several others. (As told to Anitha T S)