RiseSmart: Improving Employee Engagement and Talent Retention

Date:   Friday , November 01, 2013

RiseSmart is a dynamic, venture-backed Silicon Valley technology company that provides enterprise career management solutions to Human Resources organizations. Through its results-oriented outplacement solution, RiseSmart Transition, and its employee-centric career-management platform, RiseSmart Compass, RiseSmart helps high-performing organizations cultivate passionate, engaged employees and loyal alumni ambassadors. Headquartered in San Jose, California, RiseSmart works with a variety of major enterprise and consumer-facing companies across a range of industries.

\"RiseSmart is focused on empowering employees by giving them the tools they need to discover and act on their career aspirations,\" said Sanjay Sathé, president and CEO of RiseSmart. \"This ultimately puts them in control of their careers, whether they are happy with their current employer or looking for a new one.\"

RiseSmart has devoted six years to turning the outplacement industry on its head with RiseSmart Transition. The solution offers a cloud-based, customizable, one-stop shop for users to find their next jobs fast. It creatively leverages the latest technologies, streamlining the job-search process for its users, resulting in a time-to-placement of under 100 days. That’s more than five months faster than the national average.

With RiseSmart Transition, HR professionals can provide impacted employees with a results-driven service that focuses on the future. The solution benefits employers by protecting and preserving their brands while offering a significant return on investment through lower unemployment taxes, severance and Workers Compensation costs.

Empowerment Through Career Management Solutions

With the recent introduction of RiseSmart Compass, now in beta, RiseSmart broadens this focus on career empowerment to include not just outgoing employees, but all employees within an organization. This groundbreaking cloud-based solution enables organizations to achieve higher levels of employee engagement, retention and performance by empowering workers to explore and define their own direction for career development and fulfillment.

Sathe said RiseSmart developed Compass at the urging of Fortune 500 clients and others that have struggled with the increasing challenges in employee engagement, particularly among younger workers, who expect employers to take a greater role in their development in order to retain them.

Compass gives workers the tools they need to explore and forge their own careers, creating stronger bonds between employee and employer. It provides companies with unprecedented visibility into the capabilities, motivations and aspirations of their talent base.

Sanjay Sathé founded RiseSmart, Inc. in 2007, and serves as its president and CEO. Previously he was vice president for Sabre Holdings, responsible for Enterprise Data Management. He also ran marketing for Sabre’s reservations business. Before Sabre, Sathé served as the president of E-Commerce and International Marketing and senior vice president of Brierley & Partners, with stints in London and Dallas. He has led successful sales and marketing organizations both domestically and internationally.