Indians are the Happiest Worldwide!

Date:   Friday , March 31, 2006

According to the market information agency ACNielsen’s Asia Pacific Consumer Confidence Survey, 17 percent Indians have no worries at all. Indians have made a bigger leap of faith and remain at the top of the global list with a confidence index at 132 points - nine points ahead of the world’s second most optimistic nation, New Zealand.

A majority of Indians are willing to purchase what they desire and invest in mutual funds and shares, way ahead of their Asian counterparts, as the global online consumer confidence shows. India is witnessing a retail boom with consumers (66 percent) being excited in trying out new products and services.

The climbing sensex seems to have increased the risk appetite of Indian consumers. The trends also clearly point out how home improvement (38 percent) and leisure holidays (37 percent) are the other two pursuits Indian consumers are willing to indulge in. With hefty wallets and competitive airline tickets, more and more Indians are opting for leisure vacations. 92 percent are looking forward to improved employment prospects and 87 percent are bullish about their personal finances in the coming year.

The big concerns remain: the economy (39 percent), health (33 percent) and job security (31 percent) still top the list. Crime rates don’t bother more than 12 percent of those surveyed.

Consumers in Asia Pacific continue to ride a wave of economic development, with their confidence increasing in nine out of 13 markets.