Stoke: Protecting and Enhancing Mobile Communications

Date:   Tuesday , April 01, 2014

Advances in LTE technology are driving massive changes in the mobile communications industry. One of the most significant changes is the new need for security: because of the all-IP nature of LTE networks, communications are vulnerable to new threats and vulnerabilities, and operators must therefore employ robust counter measures, while also providing adequate service quality and efficiency as they meet growing network demand.

The mobile telecommunications world needs products that address the need for stronger security combined with the ability to accommodate traffic peaks and handle new services, without introducing latency or impairing performance. Enter Stoke, which provides mobile broadband industry\'s most powerful, cost efficient security gateway solutions, uniquely engineered to protect against malicious or accidental 3G/4G/LTE network threats, mitigate network capacity uncertainties, and enable operators to ensure their network investments will meet future needs.

Founded in 2004 Stoke is the only company that serves all these needs in a single technology platform.Vikash Varma, President and CEO at Stoke explains, \"Stoke has a truly differentiated technology that represents the cutting edge of a new generation of mobile broadband gateways. We provide market-leading performance combined with an unmatched breadth and depth of features and offer significant operating savings over competitors by delivering the highest throughput per kilowatt in the industry.\"

Stoke\'s Arsenal

\"At the core of the company\'s product suite is the SSX-3000 mobile edge gateway platform that secures the junction between the Radio Access Network and the mobile operator core the S1 Link.
The firm\'s products have attracted Tier 1 mobile network operators including Japan\'s NTT Docomo, SoftBank and the Hutchison Group and Stoke partners with leading industry players including Samsung, Macnica, Net One Systems and Dimension Data to provide comprehensive LTE security solutions.
Today, Stoke has the largest number of LTE security gateways deployed in live commercial LTE networks, handling well over 15 million subscribers worldwide. \"This leadership position allows us to bring a unique level of technology, deployment and support expertise to mobile operators,\" adds Vikash.

Looking Ahead

Stoke continues to strengthen, adapt and deepen its LTE security offerings as the wave of LTE deployments increases worldwide. 2014 will see the deployment of enhancements that supercharge the performance of the Stoke Security eXchange, add exponentially deeper levels of encryption, and layer new capabilities within the solution.

Industry-wide, there is mounting interest in how virtualized, software-only products will play in the mobile broadband arena. Stoke is well positioned to provide such offerings when this market matures. From the outset, Stoke architected its solutions using a Linux-based, distributed network functions approach. This foresight ensures that it is just a short step to introduce virtualized offerings when the timing is appropriate.

Stoke\'s mission is to enable mobile operators to protect their users, optimize their networks and support the secure roll out of exciting new technologies including Voice over LTE (VoLTE) without compromising speed and quality of service. With mobile broadband traffic expected to grow by over 3000 percent over the next five years, Stoke is at the heart of a massive market opportunity and we are excited at the potential to continue our growth trajectory.