Semtech Corporation: Semiconductor Efficiency through Green Technology

Date:   Friday , April 01, 2016

Semtech Corporation [NASDAQ:SMTC]-a leading provider of analog and mixed signal semiconductors takes a leaf out of its organizational history of never succumbing to adversities. Going through a brief stint in the 1980s, where the company had difficulty recovering from certain challenges, Semtech diversified its services and emerged as a survivor. Today the company provides a plethora of proprietary solutions to solve complex problems in the semiconductor arena, supplying analog and mixed signal semiconductor platforms for high-end consumer, computing, communications and industrial equipments.

A major challenge that plagues semiconductor companies today is to find ways to produce more energy efficient electronics. Fostering an effective ecosystem in the semiconductor industry through their constant drive for innovation, Semtech broadly follows three paradigms-green standards, miniaturization and high bandwidth application. \"Our products are differentiated by innovation, size, and performance and cover sectors such mobile, wireless, and data centers,\" remarks Mohan Maheswaran, President and CEO, Semtech Corporation.

A walk through Semtech\'s comprehensive product portfolio in the broadcast and video surveillance space offers high quality broadcast video signals. Semtech\'s video products provide a standard definition to Ultra High Definition Video and the firm now stands as the sole leader in the UHDSDI,3G, HD, and SD technologies. Supporting 6Gthrough 24G data rates, the technology provides seamless migration to the broadcast video systems of tomorrow.

Semtech designs and develops high performance devices known as transient voltage suppressors(\"TVS\") that safeguards the port\'s insensitive electronic devices from electrostatic discharge and offers protection to every high performing interface. These products also operate at very low voltage and are found at good use in a variety of applications.

On a mission to bring futuristic technology into their current offerings, Semtech covers a wide range of verticals. Semtech helps businesses and consumers dramatically reduce power consumption by providing chipsets that intelligently put electronic devices into sleep or standby mode when they are not in use. Semtech\'s new product LoRa, a Long Range Wireless platform is driving exciting new applications that help enable the IoT. The LoRa technology platform leverages smart sensors and internet gateways to make cities more efficient and environmental friendly.

For the ultimate long range wireless solution, Semtech\'s LoRa RF platform complements Machine-to-machine(M2M) cellular infrastructure, and provides a low-cost way to connect battery operated and mobile devices to the network infrastructure. By combining the LoRa RF transceiver products with LoRa concentrator gateway, users can create networks with longer ranges and the capacity to handle millions of devices.

\"With close to 5000 customers across the globe and over 1000 product offerings, we attribute our financial and operating strength to four key factors-differentiation, balance, financial strength, and multiple sources of growth,\" reveals Maheswaran. The company differentiates itself through its process technology, design, packaging, and support. Along with these financial accomplishments, Semtech has released many new products across all of its product groups, achieved record design wins, increased its exposure to new and emerging markets, and outpaced the analog industry as a whole.

To continue its growth and outperform the rest in the upcoming years, Semtech plans on restructuring and reducing their operational costs. The company is also looking at developing analog and mixed-signal technology and products for several emerging applications such as Smart Sensing, Ultra High Definition, High-Speed Backplanes, Wearable Electronics and the IoT. These trends have, and will continue to drive growth in aerospace, medicine, energy, and consumer electronics industry for years to come.