V-Soft: Enabling Expertise on All Major Mobile Platforms

Date:   Tuesday , April 01, 2014

Technological surveys carried out worldwide are highly indicative of massive changes and innovations in mobile apps. Towards 2015, the apps\' sector is expected to be worth about $38 billion. Considering the current situation, where business opportunities with apps are still in nascent stages, this is the right time to explore the world of mobile apps. The scenario calls for unique expertise in mobile application development to make the most of the situation by unearthing the hidden possibilities. With its expertise on the entire range of major platforms, seven-plus years of international experience, deep knowledge on high-end mobile projects and an exceptionally knowledgeable team, V-Soft is surging forward with proven ability to handle a wide range of mobile projects.

V-Soft, initiated in 1995, is today a recognized name in various domains including Mobile Application Development & Porting, Mobile Gaming and Testing Services, Enterprise Mobility, UI Design Services and UX designs.

Providing total support for multiple mobile platforms remains a struggle for several firms, V-Soft addresses the issue with the most competent and successful ways to port available mobile applications into other operating devices and systems. Mobile testing is another major area of expertise with services in performance, automated, white-box and black-box testing, along with sustainability. V-soft also has a record for optimizing more than hundred mobile apps.

Other areas where V-soft specializes is custom mobile games which are apt for all operating systems and platforms available in the market. The firm proudly serves several clients across the world with groundbreaking mobile gaming solutions. Further, V-Soft\'s UI / UX services come with a total package to address the design, graphic and user interface needs using the latest technologies of utmost quality, thereby resulting in exceptional user experience.

The firm, headed by Aswin Vora, CEO, realized the potential of mobile computing, into five years of business. Since then, there has been no looking back, as the company consistently provides advanced best-in-class technology solutions.