CipherCloud: Building Trust in the cloud with Data Encryption

Date:   Thursday , November 03, 2011

Cloud computing has compelling advantages such as reduced cost, scalability and flexibility. However, concerns about security, data privacy and regulatory compliance top the list of reasons that inhibit cloud adoption in enterprises globally. Escalating data breaches, such as Sony, RSA, Dropbox, Gmail and Epsilon, in recent months only further validate such concerns. As a result, effective data protection solutions will play an important role in cloud computing. This is what CipherCloud provides to its clients.

Founded by Pravin Kothari in 2010, co-founder of ArcSight and a serial entrepreneur in the field of information security and cloud computing, CipherCloud has a vision to build trust in the cloud by eliminating data privacy, security, and regulatory compliance concerns. CipherCloud provides a cloud encryption gateway with award-winning technology to encrypt sensitive data in real-time before it's sent to the cloud. The San Jose, California, headquartered company, with a development center in Hyderabad, protects enterprise data using encryption and tokenization in any private or public cloud environment without impacting functionality or performance. It allows clients to retain the encryption keys with full control on their data in the cloud, for example, malicious insiders at cloud provider can no more access clientís sensitive information and hackers cannot do anything with the clientís data even after downloading it from hijacked accounts on Gmail and Dropbox. CipherCloud has solutions specifically for the Salesforce,, Google Apps, Amazon storage and database services, and financial services. It also provides an open framework to enable its customers and partners to create custom connectors for any cloud applications (public or private), such as Quickbase, Workday, Oracle OnDemand, and Heroku.

CipherCloud provides implementation services directly and through its network of global partners. For its innovative technology and real world relevance, the company has won several awards including Gartnerís recognition as a Cool Vendor in Cloud Security, 2011.