SoftClouds: The State of Customer Experience for Today and Tomorrow

Date:   Tuesday , May 31, 2016

Migrating Legacy Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to the cloud is no longer a novel trend. Modern CRM applications revolutionized the game long ago with cloud-based delivery models. For over a decade, major players such as Oracle, Salesforce and Microsoft, as well as a multitude of smaller players, such as Infusionsoft, Hubspot, and Zoho have been delivering alternatives to on-premise servers that provide more agile tools and are easier to maintain. On paper cloud applications, appear more affordable and provide faster time to value adaptation than their predecessors. However, drawbacks exist for longer-established companies that make migration challenging. Costs involved with cloud licensing, security factors, and risking user adoption are roadblocks that companies will invariably face on their journey to the cloud. Eventually leading to the crossroads of how to leverage the millions invested into their highly customized legacy systems. In addition, how to go about exporting the massive amounts of data stored within their on-premise applications?

SoftClouds helps navigate these crossroads by innovating solutions that leverage the legacy systems of customers, yet also provide modern cloud features. Headquartered in San Diego, CA-SoftClouds blends technology and specialist expertise to deliver sophisticated hybrid-cloud solutions, rapidly yielding measurable results and effective value. \"Our solutions offer a new choice and methodology-one that does not rip and replace, but preserves the investment of the on premise systems of our clients,\" says Balaji \"Bala\" Ramachandran, Founder & CEO of SoftClouds.

Established in 2005, SoftClouds is a recognized leader in customer experience applications and renowned for their industry solutions and niche integrations between legacy systems and cloud applications. As one of the select few Siebel Beta Tester partners of Oracle since 2007, SoftClouds identified the gaps by observing the need for connectors to the cloud and bridging integrations. Today, SoftClouds is redefining options with hybrid-cloud based CX solutions and is focused on further building personalized client relationships, fostering customer loyalty, and developing new vertical solutions. For tomorrow and the future, SoftClouds will be there to help their clients make bigger strides towards the cloud. SoftClouds has carved a niche in the industry for its core competency in developing cuttingedge innovations and applications by staying updated with latest technologies and trend changes. \"Consolidating the Internet of Things, with more powerful analytics for prescriptive decision making within a seamless platform will be the future that we want to be a part of,\" asserts Ramachandran.

The growth of SoftClouds over the years is a testament to the novel industry solutions provided by SoftClouds and enjoyed by many of their customers. For example, within the automotive industry, SoftClouds has integrated Siebel with Oracle Knowledge, OBIEE, TAM, Oracle Service Cloud, and Cisco IVR. \"Our solution helped our major automotive OEM client increase their call center efficiency by automation of content authoring, importing, and publishing and by enforcing self-service, which in turn, allowed for a reduction of call volume...,\" says Ramachandran. \"Furthermore, our solution allows technician feedback and comments to be presented to the product quality management for better R&D,\" expresses Ramachandran.

SoftClouds has a steadfast commitment to integrity while serving its clients. The firm believes in strategically evaluating the market and reinvesting in different sectors based on competitive analysis of its existing products and solutions as well as those that are still in development. \"We continuously work on cutting-edge innovation and prescriptive advice-type solutions through the IoT to make decision making easier. Our soon to be unveiled products and solutions will prove that we have made self-service easier,\" concludes Ramachandran.