I3 Software: Enabling SMEs Gain Higher ROI through its Customized Insurance and IT Solutions

Date:   Thursday , December 11, 2014

The Insurance space has been largely plagued by the paucity of product driven strategies and developments with most of the companies opting for a service based approach. This is a direct result of the infrastructure that small and medium sized companies fail to put up, which has been a hindrance for companies trying to bring out products to suit the environment, they are placed in.

i3 Software, a company based in Iselin, NJ has focused on the same line through its actions directed towards developing custom based applications for small and medium sized companies in helping them come out of the customized norm and follow a more product oriented approach. Founded in 1997, and headed by its CEO, Kumar Chaluvadi, i3 Software\'s suite of customized insurance solutions have enabled companies to better their ROI by helping them avoid the pain of building their solutions from scratch. By offering value added accelerators and global delivery frameworks, the firm\'s customers are benefitted with 40-50 percent of the returns with the rest being fully customized hence driving the change.
The firm also excels in providing IT and support maintenance with strong orientation towards Property& Casualty carriers in the small and medium scale category to help streamline their day to day operations. Some of the key aspects under this space where the firm has gained expertise are in providing new enhancements, maintaining web portals with end to end support for handling issues. \"We have expertise in systems that are currently leading in the market as well as their legacy systems and we build interfaces between them. We have been doing this for a while and we have also had a lot of appreciation\", adds Kumar.

P&C Insurance Focused Solutions
i3 Software offers gamut of solutions that enable carries in doing business with ease, Rate/Quote, Underwriting, Claims, Billing, Bureau compliance, Agent and Customer portals to mention few.
i3 Software feels proud of the recent sale of its first billing system license for InsureBill. InsureBill has been a great add on to the firm\'s credits proving to be scalable and flexible generating timely, informative and seamless reports to help businesses manage their revenue part. With vast selection features, the billing solution is tailor made for businesses looking for improved efficiency and increased productivity. The excited Kumar adds \"We are very excited about this license of the billing product and we look forward to take that reference and go big and offer it to our customer base\".

Infrastructure Management Solutions
i3 has over decade of expertise in delivering superior infrastructure management solutions under the umbrella of IBM product suite. Customers in this arena span across APAC, US and Middle East, notably fortune 500 customers and leading banks. With this enriched proven expertise, i3 launched its proprietary Infrastructure management solution \'EyeSM\".
EyeSM is an enterprise-level software designed for monitoring availability and performance of IT infrastructure components and their impact on business services.

Multi Characterized
A Great customer base with nations leading insurers based Connecticut and Michigan, the firm has been serving its clientele concentrated in North America having an excellent satisfaction record. i3 Software aspires to grow by exhibiting great service quality with being cost effective. Kumar is right as he explains, \"There are not much companies in the Insurance space that raises investments in driving product strategies, we do both product and custom based solutions and we have excelled largely.\"