Indians - The most savvy online shoppers

Date:   Sunday , March 02, 2008

Indians are among the most online savvy shoppers in the world. Nielsen Global, a global information and media company, in its online survey finds that in terms of credit card usage for online purchases Indians accounted for 84 percent followed by Turkish online shoppers who topped global rankings.

The survey notes that in the past two years, more than 85 percent of the world’s online population has used the Internet to make a purchase, increasing the market for online shopping by 40 percent. Globally, more than half of Internet users have made at least one purchase online in the past month.

In the last three months, 70 percent of the Indians who are active on the Web world, bought airline or train tickets on the Internet. Among the Internet users, the highest percentage of online shopping is found in South Korea where 99 percent of those with Internet access have used it for purchases, followed by the U.K., Germany, and Japan with 97 percent each. With 94 percent, the U.S. ranked eighth.

Globally, the most popularly purchased items over the Internet are books (41 percent purchased in the past three months), clothing, accessories, and shoes (36 percent each), videos, DVDs, and games (24 percent each), airline tickets (24 percent), and electronic equipments (23 percent). The biggest increase has been in clothing, accessories, and shoes, which increased from 20 percent to 36 percent.
“When Nielsen conducted its first global survey into Internet shopping trends two years ago, approximately 10 percent of the world’s population (627 million) had shopped online. Within two years, this number has increased by approximately 40 percent (to 875 million),” says Bruce Paul, VP, Customized Research, Nielsen U.S.

The latest survey is a representative of all Internet users aged above 15 in 48 markets from Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, and the Middle East.