Indian engineers design NVIDIA's Graphic Chip

Date:   Wednesday , November 05, 2008

The most talked about U.S. based Apple's new range of MacBook family is being pepped up through the use of graphic processor NVIDIA's GeForce 9400M chip whose hardware is designed by the Bangalore-based engineers of the company.

Sridhar Manthani, NVIDIA's Senior Director for R&D in India, says, "From architecture to delivery for fabrication, Indian engineers did pretty much everything." Except for the software, where the U.S. and the other centers of the company helped, about 70 Indian engineers had developed the entire processors within the span of a year.

The Indian angle chipset which integrates graphics as well as hard disk and peripheral control functions in a single slab of silicon, which is currently used by the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air models. The chip will also be available for desktop applications.