Kiran Verma, Cable and Wireless

Date:   Monday , July 03, 2006

Kiran Verma
HR Manager, Cable and Wireless India
Head Count: 150

What I like:
Today the market is hot and employees jump at the drop of a hat. I like people who donít shift jobs frequently. Even before calling them for the interview, I check how many times heís jumped jobs. I also like motivational people. I appreciate candidates who are good teamóplayers and have exposure in their desired field.

We recently had a fresh candidate for an interview. Despite lacking necessary skills, we hired him for his good networking skills. During his vacation, he earned more skills in BSNL and we as a telecom company needed that.

What I donít like:
I donít like lack of communication skills. A techie should be able to convey his message well either in an interview or in the company and make sure his voice is heard. I also dislike people who join the company to just while away time. Recently we had a person from New Delhi who wanted to join us because he has never seen Bangalore. He wants to experience Bangalore firsthand as he had heard a lot about the city- weather, culture and otherwise. We dropped him there itself.