Synerzip: Agile Software Development For Venture Backed Companies

Date:   Monday , November 01, 2010

“Put oneself in someone else’s foot to understand them better” could be the success mantra of boot strapped Synerzip, which is on track for 70 percent growth this year over last. In 2004, when Hemant Elhence and Vinayak Joglekar founded the software development firm based on agile methodologies, they made a deliberate decision to focus on SMBs, especially venture backed technology companies. They knew that their earlier experience in handling startups, courtesy their stint of serial entrepreneurialism would help them to deliver on client requirements. “We can easily relate to a startup’s expectations. Today with our agile development process, Synerzip ensures that the client equally collaborates during the entire software development cycle. Using the Agile approach, working software is delivered to business users in short iterations of two weeks. These short delivery cycles allow frequent feedback from business users and a pattern of repeated testing, which ultimately results in a robust software product,” says Elhence, the CEO.

Six years since 2004, Synerzip stands with over 40 clients and their clients range from seed-stage start-ups to divisions of public companies. They have the ability to build the trust through their dual-shore capabilities, whereby the company maintains a 200 member team of high caliber software development and testing professionals located in India at Pune, along with a small team of Product/Project Management professionals located in US. The company plans to aggressively foray into mobile application built on platforms like Android and iPhone and also leverage on Microsoft’s SharePoint.

Both the founders understood the importance of expertise, courtesy their own hands-on software development background. They have dedicated teams for each client, hence there is no need of shifting personnel from project to project, which ensures that each professional becomes an expert in dealing with their client requirements. Also, in the future if a client decides to start its own captive operation, it can transfer the Synerzip team to its own entity for a minimal price. Thus, they are also saved from the upfront costs of re-training staff.