Alcatel-Lucent Insists Cell Number be the Identification Number

Date:   Wednesday , April 01, 2009

The mobile phone number may soon become an individual's identity number (ID) on account of its uniqueness, if Alcatel-Lucent's plans materialize. The company, which is a provider of telecommunication solutions, is working with the government of India to get its plan realized.

"It is significant since the number is unique and we already have around half a billion mobile customers in the country. It has the potential of touching the basis of human life, which is what an application should do," says Vivek Mohan, President, Alcatel-Lucent India.

According to Mohan, people in the hinterland are not used to laptops but they find it easier to use mobiles. "Post-3G, we can use mobiles to impart education. It is important to remember that technology can be an enabler and not just an end-to-end solution to the people," Mohan further adds.