The Principal Consulting - Expert Consulting for SAP Customers

Date:   Sunday , November 03, 2013

Risks and issues are part of any and every major IT transformation project. When put this in perspective of large transformation projects like SAP or Oracle these risks and issues can be huge which can collapse the entire project if not managed and mitigated in a timely manner. Most of these risks and issues are applicable to any IT implementation project. SAP systems have been implemented successfully at 40000+ customers in the world and most project failures are not related to the product or software but mostly tied to project execution and software implementation partner. Implementing a sophisticated SAP system is complicated. Without the right partner, problems can compound and appear more daunting than decoding human DNA. Thus, it is very important to choose the right partner for the projects.
Providing expert consulting for SAP Customers, The Principal Consulting (TPC) implements, configures, and enhances SAP software for large enterprises around the world. TPC focuses mainly on Enterprise Mobility, Cloud, Business Intelligence, and CRM. With regards to enterprise mobility and cloud, these are part of a technological revolution that makes working at TPC exciting.
The company helps enterprises to define their Enterprise Mobility Strategy, and build/implement mobile solutions to seamlessly integrate their SAP Landscapes. \"One of the major focus area is \'Enabling Sales & Marketing Team\' with Mobile Sales, Sales Analytics and easy access to Sales & Marketing Collaterals. Another focus area for enterprises is to enable a good quality Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution.\" says Vijay Garg, CEO, The Principal Consulting Inc.

Expertise states The Principal Consulting, Inc. (TPC) is an official SAP Services Partner. Focusing entirely on providing expert consulting in the SAP marketplace, the 125 member team of Principal Consulting helps all sized customers in multiple industry segments realizing their business goals through the implementation of SAP products and solutions.
Headquartered in New Jersey, TPC aims at improving ROI by reducing risk and implementing better solutions in a shorter time frame at a more affordable cost. \"TPC has developed tools and methodologies, re-usable components, and accelerators dedicated to the specific needs and business processes to provide better solutions\". says Garg.
The silver lining of the company is that it measure its achievements by customer\'s success, focused on the desired outcomes such as user adoption, cost to serve, customer satisfaction, reduced maintenance and support costs and overall service improvement. Today TPC team is glad to be part of the achievement of TPC\'s biggest clients like British Petroleum, General Mills, Colgate, First Energy, Estee Lauder PWC, Kohler and many more.