Analyze This

Date:   Saturday , September 30, 2006

Hari’s bio is an interesting read. A bachelor’s degree in Technology from IIT Madras, followed by fourteen years at Tata Steel as Design Engineer and Corporate Planner, Hari has now been appointed VP and Global Head of HR at Virtusa Corporation.

“Though creating and developing products provides a sense of accomplishment to the engineer, being a part of a core team that forms the DNA of an organization is equally fulfilling,” assures the new HR head. In fact, he adds that his techie background has further honed his skills as an HR manager, bringing in a non-traditional outlook to this field.

It was possibly this outlook that has given rise to his critical view on the industry. Strongly criticizing the consultant policy, he believes that any change in the company should be driven internally. “A company cannot afford to outsource thinking, it would hurt the foundation of the industry,” he stresses.

The thought was well documented in the book that he co-authored with Rupa Mahanty, Back to Basics in Management - A Critique of The Fabled Management Mantras. It dealt with “what not to do” and eulogized the first or basic principles for ‘flawless execution’ in an organization.

Looking at the current industry trends from an HR perspective, Hari quickly notes the lack of analytical skills in mangers today. “ Managers need to question the current paradigms and HR should re-invent itself as a domain.”

A devout traveler, Hari is contemplating his second book. “This time it would be about ‘what to do’ in management,” he promises.